The List

# List Item Comments
1. Visit the Northern Lights  Can’t wait! Should be fun!
2. Weigh 134 lbs.  Already down 25.4 pounds!
3. Visit the Grotto Completed
4. Catalog all of Jessica’s books Completed
5. Build a pallet bed
6. Visit New Orleans
7. Run/Walk a 10k Jessica has completed four 5k races in the past.
8. Take a cooking class
9. Make an offer on a house
10. Go Ice Skating
11. Go Camping We mean actual camping with a tent and everything.
12. Contact a company to thank them for their product Completed
13. Exercise 3 times a week for an entire year Just have to finish up the month.
14. Explore every single street in your town Completed
15. Visit the Minnesota Zoo Look at all the animals.
16. Play Laser Tag Jessica, you’re going down!
17. Hike every trail at Lime Creek Nature Center Completed
18. Watch the Solar Eclipse Completed
19. Renovate a room in the new house What could possibly go wrong?
20. Go to a book signing
21. Get a tattoo Completed
22. Learn how to use Chopsticks Good luck with this one.
23. Leave a 100% tip for a server
24. Go to a Twins game Don’t get hit in the head Jessica
25. Tour a brewery We actually got an invite to visit a brewery near Iowa City.
26. Ride on a Ferris wheel Completed
27. Write a letter, seal it and open at the end of 2018 Letter is written.