Torture By a Tiny Little Needle

ByJessica Jordal

Torture By a Tiny Little Needle

Get a tattoo. Seems easy, right? Wrong! If you had meet me 5 years or even a year ago and told me that someday I would pay someone to put ink on my body, I would have taken you to the nearest crazy farm and had you locked up for life. I always said that I would NEVER EVER GET A TATTOO! Then I heard about the semicolon project.

For those of you who don’t know about it, it was started by a young lady after her dad committed suicide and she and her family where left to pick up the pieces. She struggled with depression and thought about committing suicide herself and instead got a tattoo of a semicolon. Why a semicolon? Because when she could have committed suicide and ended her life she instead took a pause and then continued on and found purpose to help others.

No I didn’t get a tattoo of a semicolon. Sorry to squash all of your guys thoughts. I instead got a cross. Why? Because when I was at my lowest, God sent me a preacher who shared the Gospel message with me. And no life hasn’t been sunshine and roses, but God has been there for me. This tattoo that I placed on my wrist tonight is a reminder to me that when I was at my lowest point, God was there. People are going to ask in the coming months and even years why I choose to get a cross and then I will be able to tell them about the lowest point of my life and how Jesus was there for me then just as He was there when He died on the cross for all of OUR sins.

Now that I am done telling you about the why? Here is the experience. I choose the place Technicolor Tattoo Studio because on Tuesdays if if is a small tattoo it will only cost 20 dollars (Mine was bigger so it cost a bit more + tip) and also because one of the artist that worked there, I use to work with a long time ago and if anyone is going to cause me pain, I would rather be someone I know then a complete stranger. The experience is nothing like what you see on TV or in the movies, you don’t go off to a back room and your all by yourself. Instead you are in a great big, BRIGHTLY lit place with about 4- 5 other people also mutilating their bodies. The tattoo artist then double checks to make sure that where you want the tattoo and how you want it placed before he starts prepping everything.

The pain, You always see people in pain on the TV show or in the movie. The Tattoo artist said it was a lot like getting scratched like a cat. In that regard he is correct. For the most part it was pain free. It only hurt the most when he was right above a blood vessel or a nerve ending. Then yes it was PAINFUL! However by someone who had to get stitches where her nerve ending was on her thumb, I would rather get another tattoo, then experience that pain again.

He then wiped away all the extra ink and made sure that again it was how I expected it to look. The tattoo artist then told me how to take care of the tattoo so it won’t get infected or loose its color. All in all, it wasn’t a terrible experience and I am super happy with how it turned out! However I will probably decline getting another tattoo in the future.

Now to enjoy some pictures of the tattoo and me getting the tattoo (Yes we tried to record it, however that wasn’t allowed)

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