August 2017 Update

ByCarlos Oulman

August 2017 Update

Greetings my friend! It’s hard to believe that it’s already August. Time for a quick update. Unfortunately, we have not been as productive as I would have like for us to be this year. This is partially due to me not staying on track and keeping Jessica on track. In the future, I need to do a better job of this. Life get’s in the way and makes things hard so it’s important to take a step back and slow down form the regular grind. Let’s review what we have accomplished this year. Positivist! Jessica has been successful in walking every street in her town, getting a tattoo, and even concurring the Ferris wheel. Jessica has also been doing great exercising three times a week however she could do a little better job of keeping track of the workouts in the spreadsheet that I set up for her. This is mostly so I can make sure she is actually doing the workouts. Jessica has also been back out to Lime Creek to finish some more trails. So what do we still need to work on? Jessica has yet to make fresh pasta, organize her book collection (there is a lot of them). Jessica no longer has an excuse on this since I put her beloved desk back together. At least it’s back together now and she can stop bothering me about it every time we talk. Jessica also still needs to contact a company to thank them for their product, visit the MN Zoo, be able to name all the bones in the body and leave a 100% tip for a waiter. In addition to that, also on tap for this year is visiting the Grotto in West Bend, Iowa, running a 10k, sleeping in a hammock and making a designer cake. Guess we have a lot of stuff to work on. Well that’s about it for this update. Stay tuned for more updates as Jessica still needs to write her blog post about riding the Ferris wheel.

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Carlos Oulman

Hello to you my friend. I'm Carlos, Jessica's producer. Me and Jessica met when we both worked at McDonald's. We quickly became friends but also soon learned that we drive each other crazy. This defiantly makes for some fun adventures and usually ends in us just making fun of each other. Or me laughing at Jessica when she gets hurt. Of course, it's this childish nature that allows us to have fun with our adventures and you can be certain that there will never be a dull moment. Over the years, Jessica and myself have put together lists, however it was in 2016 that I decided that if this was ever going to work, I needed to keep Jessica on tasks with strict deadlines. As we continue to check items off this list, I'm looking forward to all the fun we are going to have and can't wait for you to be a part of the adventure, that is, if you can put up with our childness.