A New Year Update for 2017

ByCarlos Oulman

A New Year Update for 2017

Well we finally made it to 2017 and it seems like 2016 just flew by. In 2016 Jessica and myself decided to give this bucket list thing another try. We started a few of the items on the list and managed to complete one item. This year will hopefully be packed with adventures as we continue to check items off the list. Our adventures will start off with Jessica heading to the tattoo parlor to get her first ever tattoo. As much as Jessica would like to see me also get a tattoo, it’s just not going to happen. Jessica will also be working on fitness this year by exercising at lest three times a week for one entire year. Just to make sure Jessica doesn’t forget, I’m making her log all of her workouts. We managed to get four trails done at Lime Creek last fall and will be back as soon as the weather get nicer. Of course we live in North Iowa so it’s going to be a while as we wait for the cold and snow to vacate the area. Spring, please feel free to come early this year.

While most of the items on the list are slated to be completed in 2018, there are eleven items on the list to complete this year and we’ll probably end up completing a few for next year as well. With the tattoo soon to be crossed off the list, Jessica will shift her focus to completing and mailing her letter off to the Band-Aid Company to graciously thank them for there product. One that Jessica is quite familiar with might I add. March will be a month to knock out a few items as Jessica makes some fresh pasta and completes the massive task of cataloging all her books. She has a lot of them. I only know this because I managed to fill the entire bed of my truck with them when I help Jessica move.

In April, Jessica, a friend of hers and myself will pile into a car and make the 2 hour drive to the Minnesota Zoo. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so I’m looking forward to this item. Hopefully I can survive the car ride without hurting Jessica. In June, Jessica will need to have memorized all the bones in the body. This will be a great skill for Jessica to have next time she ends up in the emergency room. July will be a little expensive as Jessica will be leaving a 100% tip for a server and just ordering a drink doesn’t count. Jessica will also spend a night under the stars when she sleeps in a hammock.

August will take us on another road trip as we head to West Bend, IA to explore the Gratto of the Redemption. I’ve been once before however Jessica has been wanting to visit ever since the first list we put together. While in West Bend, we also plan to learn how to blow glass. A quick note to Jessica, remember not to inhale. September will make for some great content as Jessica completes a 10k. Jessica has completed 5k races in the past but this will be something new for her. I’ll enjoy following Jessica’s progress as she runs towards the finish line. Jessica will end the year by completing a designer cake and learning sign language.

2017 will be a jammed packed year with a lot of great content that will be shared here on Jessica’s website and across our other social media outlets. We hope you will join us as we really kick off Jessica’s bucket list and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the year to come!

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Carlos Oulman

Hello to you my friend. I'm Carlos, Jessica's producer. Me and Jessica met when we both worked at McDonald's. We quickly became friends but also soon learned that we drive each other crazy. This defiantly makes for some fun adventures and usually ends in us just making fun of each other. Or me laughing at Jessica when she gets hurt. Of course, it's this childish nature that allows us to have fun with our adventures and you can be certain that there will never be a dull moment. Over the years, Jessica and myself have put together lists, however it was in 2016 that I decided that if this was ever going to work, I needed to keep Jessica on tasks with strict deadlines. As we continue to check items off this list, I'm looking forward to all the fun we are going to have and can't wait for you to be a part of the adventure, that is, if you can put up with our childness.