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Let’s start with a little background. In 2013, Jessica was reading a book called “Next Thing On My List” by Jill Smolinski. After reading the book, Jessica decided that for her 22nd birthday, she was going to complete a list of 22 items. Jessica was successful in completing some of the items on the list however with life and work, all the plans quickly started to fall apart. The following year, Jessica and her producer Carlos decided to give it another go. Again this time some of the items on the list where completed but again, the plans fell apart.

In September of 2016, Carlos convinced Jessica to try again this time with him pushing her to set strict deadlines of when the items on the list would be completed. Another change was that instead of challenges, the focus would shift to bucket list items. Together they compiled a new list of items for Jessica to complete. Some of the many items on the list include heading to a music festival, running a 10k, concurring Jessica’s fear of heights with a Ferris wheel ride, and even getting a tattoo. Carlos was a little surprised with that one.

Throughout the following years, both Jessica and Carlos hope to document this fun experience. Check back often for updates and to see how many items Jessica can check off her list before 2018.